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Spooky ScreenShot - Halloween Event

Dragi jucători, Spooky ScreenShot este un eveniment ce constă în expunerea celor mai de groază şi originale screenshot-uri de Halloween. În acest topic se pot posta screenshot-urile voastre conform modelului de postare. Link către topic:   Reguli: - Maxim 1 Screenshot / persoană - Screenshot-ul trebuie să fie făcut pe Rodnia - Screenshot-ul nu poate conţine modificări/editări în...

Halloween event presentation

Update 18.10.2019 (Patch 1.7.0)

 Server Maintenance 18.10.2019 at 19:00 AM - Patch 1.7.0 Changes: Moved the information from the Halloween Event to the Event button next to the Mini-Map. Reduced the number of Pumpkins needed to make Pumpkin Potion IV and Pumpkin Potion V from 100 to 35. Changed the bonus on Pumpkin Potion III from Strong vs Monsters to Strong vs Metin Stones. Bugfixes: Fixed the model for Halloween Pet Added a check for minimum level 105 in order to enter...

Update 18.10.2019 (Patch 1.7.0)

 Server Maintenance 18.10.2019 at 06:50 AM - Patch 1.7.0 Changes: Added specular to some costumes/hairs. New images for the autopatcher and login screen. Bugfixes: You could have a weaponskin equipped without having a weapon. Solved a visual bug for ninja characters. You could hold a sword and a bow in your hands at the same time. You could summon a mount in the main map if your inventory was full. Added anti-spam for summoning...

+ 20% Dragon Coins on each purchase

Halloween promotion and limited offers in Item Shop: With the installation of chaos in Rodnia County, the leaders decided to offer help on the purchase of items available in the Item Shop, the promotion consists of + 20% more Dragon Coins for any type of donation.. Custom Ticket+  available in Item Shop, offers the possibility to create a Custom Costume as well as a Custom Haircut. Price:400 Dragon Coins The Limited Offers section (Item-Shop)...